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Dual Head Welders

Our Dual Head Welders are used for performing two welds at a time. There are products on the market that will allow single-head machines to be adapted to weld two welds at once, but anyone who has ever tried them will understand why we sell a lot of these machines.

As we were all taught early on, electrical current takes the path of least resistance. Any tool which tries to balance pressure with a mechanical means (springs, or a “teeter-totter” approach), will never achieve true control over the electrode force of the weld.

With two weld heads, you gain control over the pressure of each weld, and if set up to weld sequentially, you also gain the ability to control the current and time. That means you could weld two different sized weld nuts onto a part in a fraction of the time spent doing them individually. You can easily adjust the distance between your welds, and you can readily attach a nut feeder to speed up the process.

Our Heavy Duty Projection Welder also utilizes this same dual-ram design. See Heavy Duty Welders

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