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Heavy Duty Welders


Spot Weld, Inc. makes two styles of Heavy Duty welders. These machines are designed for applications that require more current and more force than standard equipment is intended.

Projection Welder - The Heavy Duty Projection Welder uses the same sturdy C-channel from our Standard machines, but adds two concrete-filled structural steel tubes to the outside to ensure that this frame is the most rigid of any other press welder on the market today. This machine is capable of welding with up to a 12” diameter bore air cylinder, and forces exceeding 10,000lbs. This machine can be build with transformers exceeding 500KVA.

Downloadable PDF Document Heavy Duty Press Projection Welder Brochure
Downloadable PDF Document Heavy Duty Rocker Arm Welder Brochure


heavy duty weldersBased off our dual head welder, this machine uses a dual-ram system. The rams are hardened, and ground for precision and durability. The ram housing is fully CNC machined for repeatability and guaranteed straightness.

Heavy Duty Rocker Arm WelderRocker Arm Welder - Our Heavy Duty Rocker Arm welder uses a similarly designed lower knee to the Combination Press / Projection welder. It has 3-1/2 diameter solid arms, to give you the rigidity you need for your high-force, hard to reach welding application.

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Heavy Duty Welder