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New Standard Welding Equipment

Spot Weld, Inc. has a full line of standard machinery that can be built to our general specifications or, more often than not, customized to your specific job. Though our machine types are standards to us, we take pride in the fact that they are the most adjustable, versatile, and easily rebuilt machines on the market. This means more compatibility with your products, and a longer machine life.

The Press Rite Press Type welder is available as a spot welder with horns, a projection welder with platens, or a combination spot and projection welder. These machines are manufactured in three sizes. Each is available in a standard range of throat depths, electrode forces and transformer capacities.

General Construction

The main frame is of high quality welded steel construction styled for trim appearance and functional design. The slim design requires a minimum of floor space. The upper arm extension is built integrally with the frame. The lower knee is steel, and supports the transformer. This allows the transformer to move up and down with the lower knee. A removable rear cover permits ready access to the frame interior for inspection and maintenance.

Methods of Operation

Transformer The "heart of the welder" the Press Rite transformer is built to RWMA automotive and appliance standards. Transformer secondaries are of cast copper with integral, non-corrosive water cooling pipes. Class 'F' insulation is used throughout. The transformer is bonded and sealed with high temperature varnish baked on each coil. The resulting unit is a high power factor, high efficiency transformer with low leakage reactance.

Secondary Circuit

Flexible copper leads are provided between the upper transformer lead adapter and the movable upper horn clamp and die. Lower conductor of high quality copper is supported by a steel lower knee for strength. The lower conductor is securely bolted to the secondary pad to insure high conductivity connection. No face plate is used. This design permits the shortest possible length of secondary circuit, insuring high efficiency good power factor and ease of assembly.

Supply Voltage And Frequency

The Press Rite type machine can be supplied for any one standard voltage supply of 220, 380, 440 or 550 volts, 50 or 60 cycles, single phase. Dual voltage, special voltage or frequency are available as extras.

Silver Plating

To insure proper contact and maximum power efficiency, all stationary contacts on the Press Rite machines are silver plated. This feature has proven by past performance to surpass other methods of obtaining an efficient, long life bond between two current carrying members.

Air Accessories

Standard Equipment included air pressure regulator, gauge, lubricator, speed control valve, and solenoid valve for control of the cylinder.

Electrical Accessories

Standard electrical accessories include a two stage foot switch. Dual palm buttons are available as options.


Standard NEMA controls are mounted to the right side of the welder frame unless special tooling or customer preference precludes. JIB electrical specification can be included as an extra.

Feature Double

Acting Cylinder And Roller Bearing Slide. The standard Press Rite slide or ram is made of lightweight, flame hardened steel. Accurately machined guide surfaces travel on anti-friction roller bearings for low inertia, friction free movement. Slide bearings are provided with initial adjustment and wear take up.

Optional Equipment

Adjustable, Retractable Cylinder This Type Of Cylinder incorporates the features of an adjustable stroke cylinder, plus a retraction feature. This permits opening of the electrodes to maximum stroke at any time to clear work pieces. With work pieces cleared, electrodes return to short normal operating stroke for welding. Operation of the retraction stroke can be controlled by the foot switch.