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Projection Welders

Spot Weld’s PressRite Projection Welder uses the same robust cam-follower ram design as the rest of our line of press style welders. The lower knee is adjustable up and down to provide the greatest adaptability for your parts. The lower knee tapers to allow optimum balance of stability and strength. Our projection welders use square arms to remove degrees of freedom during setup and to provide greater strength.  

PressRite Projection Welders

Downloadable PDF Document Press Projection Welder Brochure

Here are some example quotes on our PressRite projection spot welders (**pricing subject to change)


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Projection Welder Projection Welder Projection Welder Projection Welder

PressRite Press
Spot Welders

Rite Press Spot Welders


Projection Welders

Combination Press and
Projection Welders

Combination Press Welders