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Retract Explanation

Retract Explination

With a retractable weld cylinder, you have three positions:

  • Load position
  • Weld Ready position
  • Weld position

In the Load position, the electrodes are as far apart as they can be. This fully open position allows an operator to load large parts in between the electrodes.

In the Weld Ready position, the foot pedal is depressed half way. The "kick plate" inside the footswitch (seen in the pictures below) clicks into position and prevents the switch from opening all the way. This allows the operator to cycle the welder more quickly, without the electrodes returning their full stroke every weld cycle. If an operator wishes to return to the Load position, they can simply "kick" the kick-plate and the switch will open all the way and the cylinder and electrode will retract all of the way.

With an adjustable retractable stroke weld cylinder, this Weld Ready position is adjustable. With a fixed retract cylinder, the distance traveled between the Load and the Weld Ready positions is always the same and can not be adjusted.

retract explianation